Legal English reference material

Legal English has a number of unusual features that differ from standard English which mainly relate to terminology, linguistic structure, linguistic conventions and punctuation. Specifically, use of terms of art, lack of punctuation, use of doublets and triplets, unusual word order, use of unfamiliar pro-forms, use of pronominal adverbs and use of phrasal verbs.

This is a general list of 50 Do’s and Don’ts of Legal English

Do’s and Don’ts – document 1

Do’s and Don’ts – document 2

Do’s and Don’ts – document 3

Dutch laws in English

Increasingly, Dutch laws are translated into English. This list, focussing specifically on finance law, sets out the title of the law in the first column, the English translation with hyperlink in the second column and the date and the source of the translation the third column. Please remember that translations have no legal force; reference should always be made to the Dutch original.

Dutch laws in English

Terminology resources

Terminology lists of Dutch and English legal terms